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Posted by blind_angel_z on 2007.01.25 at 21:50
Okay, So I've been debating whether or not to post this entry, but overlooking some of the logs I think it's necessary.
I want everyone to go and look and the rules here. Read ALL of it, especially the part on page stretching.
I'm not sure about Katie, but I have gone around and nicely made some players aware of their page stretching and politely asked them to watch out for it. But it seems that my requests have fallen on deaf ears with some players. Now normally I really would care and let you page stretch all you like, but so many Comm's have been shut down b/c of it. And I'm sure (after what happened with Moksa) you don't want to see that happen.
So please after every 30-50 comments or so, start a new comment thread, when a new character enters, start a new comment thread.
Please, I really don't want to have to take action on this, but will if I have to.

This has been a friendly reminder from everyone's favourite fallen Angel,
Zaphy-mun XD <3

(Also, I realize it's next to impossible NOT to do it on the BIG log. I know that one's a lost cause. lol :-p )

Posted by youthful_beast on 2007.01.26 at 18:42
                                  PLEASE NOTE:

If your character was NOT in the university they will NOT be dropped near the parts of the school, they will be dropped  in scattered places in the wilds...possibly even in the ocean.

The people from Moksa Uni were dropped together because they were all transported from the SAME WORLD and the grounds with them were drawn to the parts of their own worlds.

Please remember this while making your first journal entry/log.

Some of you seem to have forgotten it.

Thank you.


Rough Sketches of grounds

Posted by youthful_beast on 2007.01.14 at 19:22
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Rules and regs

Posted by youthful_beast on 2007.01.11 at 02:06
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Posted by youthful_beast on 2007.01.11 at 02:59
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   If you would like to apply as a new character for this RP please apply here.
You may only apply as one character at a time unless you are a previous member who has proven themself active.
First time members may apply for one character and once they show that they are active they may apply a second,third or fourth.

 You were walking through a familiar place when suddenly the air roared around you and lights flashed before your eyes. You were thrown through a tunnel as flashes of new places shoot by. You finally fetch up...right where you left...but surrounding the spot where you stand is a place you've never seen before. You have been warped through time and space to join other temporspacial misfits, many of whom were transported from a school...some of whom you may know.

Application form:

 Name and Journal:
 Contact: [e-mail if you have no AIM]
 Previous Roleplaying Experience if any (none is required):
Character Name and Fandom:
Character Age:
Character Background:
Sample Journal Post:
[first person]

Old Members Please Apply!

Posted by youthful_beast on 2007.01.11 at 02:58
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Taken Characters List

Posted by youthful_beast on 2007.01.11 at 02:23
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